Saturday, August 3, 2013

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Top 3 free antivirus software till july 2013

The first free antivirus : Comodo Internet Securityis in fact a complete security service.
Free but thorough:Comodo Internet Securitycomes with apowerful antivirus, afirewall and other tools meant to keep your information safe. Any new or suspicious program that you install is run in sandbox mode- any action of the respective program will be kept under control in a virtual space without affecting the rest of your data.
Also Comodo Virtual Dragon is a virtual browser that doesn’t allow harming the laptop or the computer. We can safely access any website becausethe Comodo Dragon browser will only allow access within virtual/online limits.
A downside of the free internet security suite would be that some problems that may be discovered on the PC can only be solved by paying. Geek Buddy is the included program that warns us about the more serious problems of the PC and if we want to solve them we need to pay an additional license.

The second free antivirus in our top 3 is Avira Free Antivirus.

Although it doesn’t come with as many elements asComodo, it is simple and efficient and doesn’t waste many resources and also has a higher detection rate of malware and virus programs than many renowned antivirus softwares. Avira Freehas a user friendly interface and updates automatically.
Unfortunately a minor disadvantage would be the numerous false alarms that it reports, and is sometimes necessary to deactivate the antivirus protection in order to install a program that Aviraconsiders to be suspicious.
The third place in the free antivirus top is occupied byAVG Free, a very popular antivirus for many years now, which has a good detection rate and multiple protection possibilities.

We are kept safe while we download programs, or by activating an option, while we surf the web –AVGshows us the secure websites and warns us about the websites with malware content. We also have a Firewall included, and the network traffic is permanently monitored.
These are the top 3 free antivirus softwares that in our opinion make the best choice for your safety.

Moreover for maximum security, as well as removing malware from your computer we recommend using theMalware Antibytes program which will do its job in this aspect perfectly.
With the aid of this software we managed to get rid of programs like QV6, of malicious toolbars and 

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